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Lesson 1


Before teaching this lesson, it is recommended that teachers and instructors review the following:

  • The Facts. Your Future. Curriculum Approach
  • The Facts. Your Future. Lesson 1 Scope and Sequence
  • The Facts. Your Future. Substance Use and Abuse Curriculum Teacher Guide
  • The Facts. Your Future. Drug Facts for Teachers

Resources for Lesson 1: Defining Choices are provided below and include a Teacher Guide and all required and supplemental materials to complete the lesson.

Lesson 1

In Lesson 1: Defining Choices, students will learn the facts about illicit substances and their use among Florida teens. The facts will be used to dispel myths such as “Everyone is doing it.” Instead, teens will learn that most high school students do not use substances such as alcohol and marijuana. Students will gain an understanding of the influences in their lives and how they impact their decision making as it relates to substance use.

The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of TFYF curriculum plan for the 2023-2024 school year.

The purpose of this document is to provide the learning objectives for Lesson 1, a sequence for teaching them, and their alignment with the Florida Substance Use and Abuse Education Standards.

The Teacher Guide provides a detailed lesson plan and teacher script for all of Lesson 1.

Lesson 1.1: Introduction

Lesson 1.1 Teacher Guide

Teacher Guide

Lesson 1.2: The Facts

Lesson 1.2 Teacher Guide

Teacher Guide

Drug Fact Sheet

(pdf 648 KB)

The Drug Fact Sheet is a resource for students that teachers can use to provide students with the facts about substance use, specifically, fentanyl, marijuana, alcohol, vaping, and prescription drugs.

Lesson 1.3: Influences

Lesson 1.3 Teacher Guide

Teacher Guide

Lesson 1.4: Defining Choices