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The Facts. Your Future. Substance Use and Abuse Curriculum is designed to help teachers and schools meet the Florida Substance Use and Abuse Standards (HE.912.SUA) and is intended for high school students, grades 9-12. The curriculum is structured to help teachers share the facts about substance use – specifically, alcohol, marijuana, vaping, prescription drugs, and fentanyl – so students can make informed decisions about their future.

Lesson 1: Defining Choices

In Lesson 1: Defining Choices, students will learn the facts about illicit substances and their use among Florida teens. The facts will be used to dispel myths such as “Everyone is doing it.” Instead, teens will learn that most high school students do not use substances such as alcohol and marijuana. Students will gain an understanding of the influences in their lives and how they impact their decision making as it relates to substance use.

At the end of Lesson 1: Defining Choices, students will be able to:

  • Decipher between the facts and myths about substance use.
  • Assess and understand the risks and impacts of substance use.
  • Identify the influences in their lives and how those impact their decisions.
  • Apply the skills learned to their defining choices such as the choice to use or not use drugs and alcohol.